Volume 4: Administrative Records and Related Sources - Employment, Unemployment, Wages and Hours of Work

The present Volume 4 of Sources and Methods: Labour Statistics presents methodological descriptions of statistics of employment, unemployment, wages and hours of work, derived from administrative records and related sources. It is a revised and updated version of the first edition issued in 1989. This second edition contains 124 descriptions in respect of 102 countries, areas and territories.

The purpose of this volume is twofold: first, to provide basic methodological information on the different administrative sources and methods used in each country in compiling such statistics; and, second, to illustrate the differences between the various national statistical series with regard to the concepts and methodologies used by countries. The descriptions are presented under standard headings which, although not identical, allow for easy comparison of the different characteristics.

» Introduction (1989 edition)

» Part One: Registered Unemployment

» Part Two: Employment, Wages and Hours of Work

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