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Globally Harmonized System for the Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS)

Draft Integrated Proposal

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Chapter Title/heading Available
Introduction and General Considerations
  1 Foreword PDF
  2 Background, Nature, Purpose, Application and Scope of the GHS PDF
  3 Classification of Hazardous Chemicals and Mixtures PDF
  4 Hazard Communication: Labelling and SDSs PDF
Hazard Classes and Categories
  5 Acute Toxicity: Oral, Inhalation, Dermal PDF
  6 Skin Corrosion and Irritation PDF
  7 Eye Corrosion and Irritation PDF
  8 Respiratory and Skin Sensitization PDF
  9 Mutagenicity PDF
10 Carcinogenicity PDF
11 Reproductive Toxicity PDF
12 Target Organ Systemic Toxicity (single exposure) PDF
13 Target Organ Systemic Toxicity (repeated exposure) PDF
14 Aquatic Toxicity (Environment) PDF
       Physical Hazards PDF
15 Explosives
16 Flammable Gases
17 Oxidizing Gases
18 Flammable Liquids
19 Flammable Solids
20 Self-Reactive Substances
21 Pyrophoric Liquids
22 Pyrophoric Solids
23 Self-Heating Substances
24 Substance which in Contact with Water Emit Flammable Gases
25 Oxidizing Liquids
26 Oxidizing Solids
27 Organic Peroxides
28 Corrosive to Metals
General Considerations on Implementation of the GHS
29 Implementation and maintenance PDF
30 Comprehensibility PDF
31 Training and Information Strategies PDF
32 Resources PDF
Annex 1 Terms of Reference for the technical Groups PDF
Annex 2 Terminology PDF
Annex 3 Guidance on Aquatic Hazards PDF
Annex 4 Guidance on Transformation Dissolution Protocol PDF
Annex 5 Precautionary Statements, Pictograms and Reference Sources PDF

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